Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ANGEL FEVER Interview, Spotlight & Giveaway!

As part of the Angel Fever blog tour, I had the pleasure of interviewing L. A. Weatherly! Read all the way to the bottom to find the giveaway!

#1 What first inspired you to use angels in your world?

I saw a non-fiction display of books about angels, and suddenly thought…”What if angels aren’t really good and kind like we think?”

#2 What did you find the most challenging about your interpretation of angels in this series?

Not challenging, exactly, but I certainly found it fascinating the way the world evolved. I hadn’t originally envisioned the Church of Angels, for instance – it was just a logical extension of “What would the world be like if everyone was obsessed about angels?”

#3 Which character's journey has been the most enjoyable for you and why?

Most satisfying would be Willow…but most enjoyable would probably be Jonah. I really loved Jonah in book one and had originally planned for him to have a much larger role in the series. When this didn’t happen I was determined to bring him back into book 3. I really like the way his storyline ended up, and the growth that we see in him as a character.

#4 Do you think you will ever return to this world in your writing?

Well, I don’t have any plans for a book four at this point, but never say never! I do wonder sometimes about doing a spin-off series – perhaps about the same world a few generations on. At the moment, though, I’m working on a new series, which is very different (and that I hope readers of Angel Burn will love just as much!).

#5 What do you hope your readers will take away from Angel Fever?

A good story and a satisfying emotional conclusion to the series.

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