Monday, September 23, 2013

Working Title & Expected Release for Ally Condie's new book

Working Title & Expected Release for Ally Condie's new book Rio publishing Fall 2014
Have you heard?

Ally Condie (author of Matched, Crossed, and Reached) is publishing two more books through Dutton/Penguin. The first of the two books is expected to release fall of 2014 and is currently called RIO although it is very likely the title will be changed. Ally finished the first draft earlier this year as is seen in this snippet she posted on her blog.

Very little about the actual plot has been released, but Ally did give us a spoiler proofed version of the press release. See below.

I have mixed feelings about these books. I am not a huge fan of the Matched Trilogy.

The writing is very pretty, but I found the first two books very slow and hard to get into. The final book seemed to get all the action that was lacking in the other two books, but still didn't impress me. I would love to see her next book have a better balance of action to internal contemplation and definitely less quoting of poetry by men.  At this point I don't know if those things are characteristic of the author's writing or just part of that particular world.

Are you excited about this new book?

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