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The Broken Destiny: Interview with Carlyle Labuschagne and Giveaway!

I am so excited to be a part of The Broken Destiny blog tour, to have the opportunity to interview Carlyle Labuschagne, and to bring you another giveaway!

If you haven't heard of The Broken Destiny before today, please take a moment to read the book blurb below then skip on to the interview and don't forget to enter the giveaway at the very bottom of this post!

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Please join me in welcoming Carlyle Labuschagne! 

The Broken Destiny is your debut novel, what inspired you to write?

A good story needs to be shared. I wrote The Broken Destiny as a healing tool not only for myself, but also to the reader. This story had to be told and shared.

Which character in your books did you most enjoy creating?

I love all my characters, enjoyed each and every one of them - That is probably the reason for such a huge 'character cast'. The villain was so fun to development and put into action. Then comes the gorgeous hero and I loved the interaction between the two, the conflict and tension. *rubs hands together*

What was the most challenging aspect of creating Poseidon?

Trying to envision how a purple sky would effect plant life, the energy, what affect would a purple planet have on all life it holds.

How much if at all did you model your main characters after people you know?

Quite a bit actually. I write from what I know, at first I modeled some of my characters after close friends/relatives but as the story unfolds the characters evolve to so much more.

Book two, Evanescent, is about to be released. Did you find it easier or more challenging to write the second installment?

Oh boy Evanescent was a tough cookie to crack. I did find it very challenging. I wrote the entire book over and over and over again. The second book is the middle of a trilogy, there are many tricky balances, especially with my main character. Would I sound crazy if I say that Ava and I had many fights? She is stubborn and no matter how much I wanted her to be different, to be your typical heroine, she would not come to me any other way. Another reason I found Evanescent such a fickle monster is having all the previous reviews of book one plague me, I take every bit of a review as critique. Mostly they are great reviews, but there are things you pick up and try to improve on. This is where for me as an author the reviews become part of the writing process, of growing as a writer.

Of all the questions you've been asked as an author, what is your favorite to date? 

I love the question why I have a passion for trees. I love trees, to me they are a work of art, a beautiful creature in all it stands for.

Are there favorite authors/books you read in your spare time?

There are way too many favorites I have. But my favorite genre is Dystopian and paranormal.

What has surprised you the most about the world of publishing?

The feedback, the out of this world support and love I have received from bloggers, readers, book junkies, and other authors. As for the industry itself - the amount of work after the final draft that goes into delivering the book itself.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Never quite! Dont be afraid to be an aggressive beast. Find a professional editor, and edit until you think you can not edit anymore - edit it again. Never doubt yourself or be afraid to put yourself into your work - being honest and write for you. Lock up the little voice of doubt. Being yourself is impressive enough.

Is there anything in specific that you hope readers will take away from reading The Broken Destiny?

The Broken Destiny is a journey of self acceptance, without that ability, fear will get the best of you - your power lies in the love of yourself.

Thank you Carlyle for taking the time to answer all my questions! 

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